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Cultivate a dynamic personal brand

DressCode Style is all about helping you establish a style that is authentically YOU and aligns with your professional and
personal objectives.

We’ve been helping clients make great fashion choices for over 25 years. From our retail store to our Boutique Box direct-to-you program to our Personal & Corporate Consulting services, DressCode Style is both a place and a state of mind where professionals work for you “behind the scenes.”

As a DressCode Style client not only do you establish a personal brand and a winning wardrobe, you also get an advocate and coach for your success.
Need help preparing for an important presentation? How about an interview for a dream job? And it’s not all for work. Weddings, reunions, and charity events are all opportunities for you to dazzle and impress with your carefully crafted personal brand.
What’s the DressCode Style experience?

  • Personal attention from a team dedicated to your goals and satisfaction.
  • A plan we draw up in collaboration with you based on your lifestyle.
  • Plenty of options along with expert recommendations to make decisions easier.
  • A go-to source for life and work transitions. We’re here for you.
  • We help your best self SHINE.

DressCode Style Team


Maribeth Geraci

Chris Supple

Chris Supple

Barbara Palmer

Barbara Palmer

Boutique Box Specialist
Genya Kazakov

Genya Kazakov

Store Manager


DressCode Style, founder Maribeth Geraci, is a personal brand consultant and professional stylist. She has always followed fashion and had an innate ability for coordinating unique looks for her clientele. Her retail store launched Geraci into a premier stylist role that has her traveling and working nationally.

Starting her career in mortgage banking, Geraci learned early work cultures have an image expectation. She learned too the importance of projecting a current and authentic image for herself. During her time in banking Geraci developed her own personal brand and the basic framework for her business today.

Opening DressCode Style retail was just the beginning of Geraci’s offerings as she recognized everyone can continually refresh and update their personal brand at every stage of life.

Coaching corporate teams and individuals to identify and create an effective image that is authentic and personal, Geraci often works with professionals in Fortune 1000 companies. She also works to convey the executive expectations of wardrobe and personal presentation to everyone in the organization. Geraci’s consultative approach helps individuals understand how to streamline their look, based on individual fashion personality, career goals, budget, and responsibilities.

For more information about DressCode Style, contact Maribeth Geraci, (336) 553-0540 or maribeth@dresscodestyle.us or maribeth@trueuconsulting.com

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